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It says that I have not returned two books, but I returned them two days ago, when they were due. Will I be charged?

257 views   |   93   84   |   Last updated on May 01, 2013    fines renew check out

Call the circulation desk at (828) 262.2818, or use the email form on the right and ask us to renew the items so that overdues do not accrue.  Ask that the status of the books be changed to ...... read more

Is the library open? What are the library's hours?

241 views   |   85   94   |   Last updated on Jun 25, 2013    digital media studio hours special collections

You can check the library's hours anytime from the top right of our homepage, here:Looking for the hours of the Music Library, the Special Collections (Appalachian Collection, Stock Car Racing ...... read more

How can I print an unofficial transcript?

231 views   |   83   93   |   Last updated on May 08, 2013    printing transcript unofficial

If you have tried printing unofficial transcripts through Appalnet  and you get blank pages printing out here is the solution:Open up Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and go to ASU's banner ...... read more

How do I get a job at the library?

217 views   |   84   96   |   Last updated on Feb 25, 2013    job employment

 Student employment information ... read more

What is the password to log in to NC LIVE?

213 views   |   92   87   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2013    password NC LIVE

If you are affiliated with Appalachian, all the NC LIVE databases are available through our website--off campus you'll be prompted to log in.NC LIVE databases are open to any North Carolina ...... read more

I am an alum--can I check out a book? Or I just live in the area--can I check out materials?

211 views   |   93   86   |   Last updated on Jun 25, 2013    check out alum community user alumni

YES, you can get a community user card for $10, good for a  year.the details are here:Community Borrower's Card | Borrowing Privileges... read more

Is there a fax machine (or a scanner) in the library?

210 views   |   96   78   |   Last updated on Jun 27, 2013    fax machine scanners

Yes, the library provides a mediated fax service at the Lower Level (IMC) Service Desk. It is $1/page up to $5 dollars.The incoming fax number is 828-262-7553 (Fall/Spring) and 828-262-7217 ...... read more

How do I use the scanners to scan a document (picture, graph, drawing, etc.)?

207 views   |   87   82   |   Last updated on May 08, 2013    instructions scanners how to

Using the scanners on the first floor, behind the central service desk:Scanning a document and creating an Adobe Acrobat X Pro1. Place your document in the scanner.2. Choose File > Create > PDF ...... read more

Can I renew my books online?

206 views   |   82   81   |   Last updated on May 01, 2013    renew

YES, you can. Log into your account to do so. Use your real last name (not your user ID) and your Banner ID number. You can access your account here on the Library's homepage: ... read more

I am a distance education student and want a book mailed to my house--how do I do that?

200 views   |   98   94   |   Last updated on Oct 03, 2013    distance education DE Distance Learner books mail read more

I can't log into my account

199 views   |   85   82   |   Last updated on Aug 06, 2014    log in library account account

If you are off campus and trying to log into 'My Account,' or a library database (this includes the catalog), you can use your real last name (not your user ID) and banner number.  You can find ...... read more

I live in Apex (near Raleigh). As a graduate student at Appalachian, can I also check out books at NC State University?

188 views   |   90   98   |   Last updated on Mar 01, 2013    check out borrow books NC State schools

Yes. Make sure to have you ASU id with you. Details of the agreement: read more

Do I have any library fines?

182 views   |   85   83   |   Last updated on May 09, 2013    fines library fines

You can find fines information within "My Account"  which is a link in the library homepage banner - top right. Here is the link - Enter your real name ...... read more

When looking through the web to find a publication, I have seen that is present in your library. I wondered if it was possible to have a photocopy of the publication--of course for a fee. Can you do that for me?

181 views   |   85   88   |   Last updated on May 01, 2013    interlibrary loan

In order to request an item from our Library, you should use the InterLibrary Loan services at your local library.... read more

Where did my file go!? I saved it but now I can't find it!

180 views   |   72   83   |   Last updated on May 08, 2013    file lost file find

By default when you download or open anything from the internet and click 'save' it will be saved to a temporary folder. It often gets saved in this location: ...... read more

How do I get help?

177 views   |   79   80   |   Last updated on May 06, 2013    get help help

Click on 'Get Help' from our homepage or use the links on the right to call, email, text, chat, or speak with us in person. Technology help is available on the first floor of the library, by chat ...... read more

How do a cite my paper in Chicago (Turabian), MLA, APA, or other style? How do I format my paper? How do I get help writing or editing my assignments?

174 views   |   83   78   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013    help writing citation styles citations

The best resource for all of the above is probably the University Writing Center on the library's lower level, located just behind the DVDs. They can assist you with any type of writing at any ...... read more

Where can I check out cameras, microphones, and tripods?

172 views   |   45   45   |   Last updated on May 06, 2013    microphones check out cameras tripods

The Digital Media Studio (room 355) has the following equipment available for check-out: Digital Cameras Panasinic Lumix (10 Megapixel)Video Cameras Flip Video Ultra HD Video Camera (batteries not ...... read more

When I print a webpage or web document to the library's printers, it just comes out as a blank sheet of paper with nothing on it. I've tried using several different ways of printing from the browser, but nothing is working. How do I print this correctly?

171 views   |   81   83   |   Last updated on May 01, 2013    blank page

One way to print what you see on the screen more reliably in both Firefox and Internet Explorer is to select the option at the top of your webpage titled, "Convert Page to Adobe PDF" and then ...... read more

I am trying to find out who cited a particular author or particular author's work. How can I do that?

162 views   |   91   87   |   Last updated on May 01, 2013    cited reference cited

You have several tools available that can help you with this. The best may be the database Web of Science's 'Cited Reference Search' tool, but ScienceDirect, Google Scholar, Google Books (search ...... read more

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